Power of Attorney


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A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants someone the authority to act on behalf of another person in legal, financial, business and/or personal matters by enabling them as the person’s agent to take those actions specifically set forth in the POA document.

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Additional Information

A “ Power of Attorney” is generally used when granting to another person:

Full authority –  broad and comprehensive powers (full authority) to an agent (person authorized to act on behalf of another) to act on behalf of the principal (person granting the power).

Limited Authorityspecific power or authority to act to an agent on behalf of the principal for a particular purpose or within certain limitations (limited authority); allows the principal can delegate specific authority to the agent while retaining control over to other matters.

Business Specific the authority to act on the principal’s behalf to an agent only for specific business-related matters and decisions, such decisions related to business governance, transactional and finance tax matters.

9to5 currently has Power of Attorney forms available depending on the type of authority and powers being granted.

A Power of Attorney will generally include: the parties (people or entities) involved, the authority granted with specificity, exclusions or restrictions, or authority effective date and duration, signatures of the principal and agent, and witnesses.

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Please consult with a lawyer to ensure compliance in your jurisdiction.