LLC Member Meeting Notice and Minutes


About This Doc

Member Meeting Notice is a written notice sent to inform LLC members of an upcoming meeting.  Member Meeting Minutes is a written record which generally includes a list of the agenda discussion items, and the actions and votes of members during a meeting.

Additional Information

LLC Member Meetings are held when there is more than one member (owner) of an LLC and business decisions reserved for the members, either by law or pursuant to the LLC’s operating agreement, are required. Member Meetings are typically held, in lieu of a unanimous written consent of the members, when the matters require or deserve further consideration and discussion before a vote, which would best or more properly occur during a member meeting, or when there is not unanimous consent to the matters among the members (i.e., one or more members may vote against the matter(s)). 9to5 currently has Member Meeting Notice and Member Meeting Minutes documents, which are designed to prompt the person completing the form to enter the information typically required in a notice to members for a meeting and agenda and notation items which occur during a meeting (and formalities required with regards to the minutes after the meeting). See our Resources Section for more detailed information on Member Meetings and specifically, a Member Meeting Notice and Member Meeting Minutes, as well as unanimous written consents in lieu of a meeting, including types of documentation, typical information included, some examples, and other related information. Please consult with a lawyer to ensure compliance in your jurisdiction.

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