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A bill of sale (or act of sale) details the transfer of ownership of an item of property from one person to another, and generally includes the date of sale, buyer and seller information, description of the property and purchase price.

(9to5 Bill of Sale forms currently only apply to personal (movable) property)

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A Bill of Sale (or Act of Sale) is generally used when selling or buying personal “movable” property in Louisiana to act as legal record of the terms of the sale and transfer of ownership.

9to5 currently has Bill of Sale (or Act of Sale) forms available for personal (movable) property depending on the type of property being sold:

Motor Vehicle any type of motor vehicle (for example: a car, motorcycle or boat).

Boat or Watercraft any type of boat, motor and/or watercraft.

Boat or Utility Trailer a boat trailer or utility trailer.

LLC Membership Interest or Units an ownership interest (or units) in an LLC.

Partnership Interest or Units an ownership interest (or units) in a partnership.

Corporate Stock shares of stock in a corporation.

Single & Multiple Assets other types of personal (movable) property, either a single item or multiple items.

A Bill of Sale will generally include:  the parties (people or entities) involved, description of the asset(s), purchase price, payment terms, whether there are any liens or encumbrances on the asset(s), any representations and warranties, governing law, date and signatures, and the general condition of asset(s) for physical property (non-tangibles).

See our Resources Section  for more detailed information on a Bill of Sale, including types of assets, documentation, typical information included, some examples of use of the forms, external reference resource links and other related information.

Please consult with a lawyer to ensure compliance in your jurisdiction.